Dr. Davis is a Leadership Expert, Mentor and Coach as well as an Organizational Consultant and Community Organizer who has served as the Executive Vice President of a Christian University. He currently serves as the Lead Pastor of a diverse and vibrant church.  Dr. Davis offers training, mentoring and coaching to leaders and organizations across the USA and Latin America. 

Herbert Reynolds Davis, PhD

I train and develop ministry, organizational and community leaders.  Leadership training and development is my passion.  As an educator, I take pride in imparting Leadership principles through seminars, workshops, and practical training.  It is my life's mission to share my 25+ years of ministry experience with new and seasoned ministry leaders.  Understanding that many leadership speakers merely talk about theoretical leadership principles, I continue where they end by teaching from a place of experiential knowledge and results.  Because I've been a pastor for over 20 years, college administrator for over 10 years and an collegiate professor for over 20 years, I know what works and what doesn't.  I help leaders cut their learning curve by teaching them what to avoid, as well as what to pursue.  It can be difficult to find leaders who are genuinely willing to mentor others to produce quality leaders for the Kingdom of God.  I have taken the personal responsibility to share with, and impart into, individuals who are willing to invest in themselves.  Are you someone willing to invest in yourself?

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