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Dr. Davis is a Leadership Expert, Mentor and Coach as well as an Organizational Consultant and Community Organizer who has served as the Executive Vice President of a Christian University. He currently serves as the Lead Pastor of a diverse and vibrant church.  Dr. Davis offers training, mentoring and coaching to leaders and organizations across the USA and Latin America. 

Herbert Reynolds Davis, PhD

President, HRD Strategic Development LLC

Founder & Principal Instructor, HRD Institute

Founder and Senior Pastor, Nehemiah Church COGIC

Jurisdictional Prelate, El Salvador Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Church of God in Christ

Herbert Reynolds Davis maintains an active academic, ecclesiastical and advocacy profile engaging: Church Planting, Community Organizing and Advocacy, Christian Theology, Leadership Development and Organizational Consulting.  Herbert holds a Bachelor degree in Religion, the Master of Divinity degree, the Doctor of Ministry and the Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership. He has earned professional certification in Leadership Education. 

He served in academia as the Executive Vice President of a Title IV theological institution for more than a decade. Herbert has participated in broad based community organizing for over two decades through Metro IAF (Industrial Areas Foundation), serving on both local and national Strategy Teams.  He regularly speaks to civic and faith-based groups effecting positive spiritual and social change.  He is often requested to offer trainings for church leaders, nonprofit leadership teams and community organizations.  Dr. Davis is the President of HRD Strategic Development LLC which offers training and development for religious organizations, higher education institutions, non-profits and small businesses.  Herbert is the author of three books: The Visitation: Your Defining Moment in the Presence of God; The Christian Leadership Blueprint: Seven Principles for Building Something Great, Transformative, and Lasting; and Graced for This.   


Herbert is ordained in the Church of God in Christ.  He has served faithfully on the local, statewide, national, and international levels for more than thirty years.  Locally he serves as the Senior Pastor of the multicultural Nehemiah Church.  Herbert is the Jurisdictional Prelate of the El Salvador Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ.  the Vice President of Curriculum for the National COGIC Leadership Conference and also serves as the International Director of the C. H. Mason Jurisdictional Institutes.  Herbert finds greater meaning and inspiration of life from his wife Psiyina, his four adult daughters and one son in law. 

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