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HRD Institute

"Training Leaders to Impact the World"

The HRD Institute intentionally brings together the academy and the church for practical instruction and impartation

The HRD Institute exposes leaders of various levels and competencies to quality information and training that both increases their leadership capacity as well as improves their organizations.  Organizational change is directly connected to qualified and effective leaders.  HRD Institute is committed to developing just such leaders.  


HRD Institutes allow experienced and developing leaders opportunities to connect in a way that is mutually beneficial for the individuals, while also benefitting the churches and religious institutions represented.  HRD Institute addresses common topics in a relevant and effective manner that incorporates quality research, common trends, proven praxis and effective examples.  Some of the common topics covered are: Leadership and Preaching.   If you are interested in hosting a HRD Institute in your area contact us at:     

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